Lyme Disease Support Group (LDSG) of Oklahoma is an informal group led by volunteers for the purpose of providing education, public awareness, and advocating for those suffering from Lyme Disease/STARI and other tick-borne bacterial infections.  Our mission is to eliminate the isolation felt by those affected, empower members through information and support, exchange experiences and coping skills, and assist family and friends of patients. LDSG interacts with federal and state agencies, medical schools, health care communities, research centers and educational venues, national organizations and foundations; and participates in public policy and legislative efforts, insurance and government assistance issues.


Although ‘Lyme’ is prominent in the name, LDSG has expanded to include those suffering from STARI (Masters Disease), Babeiosis, Bartonella, Ehrlichiosis, RMSF, and other tick-borne illnesses (TBI). Several of the LDSG members have contracted at least one of these TBIs as co-infections in addition to their Lyme. Approximately 80% of LDSG members have developed more advanced and complex cases of Lyme Disease including Neuro-Borreliosis (affecting the brain and central nervous system) due to the prolong period they went undiagnosed and/or didn’t receive appropriate treatment.